We know, it has been a while since our last post. Summer is hard on us, lots of vacations and family’s getting together. Hopefully we are back on tasting at least once a week.

Today is 1792, what used to be called Ridgemont Reserve, not sure why they took that part off their name. 1792 comes in a somewhat elegant corked bottle at 93.7 proof. It is found in most liquor stores and sells between $20 to $24. Although we did see it once for $31.


Todd:  I got a very complex nose even though I couldn’t nail down the exact aromas. A little spice, a little leather, a little wood, all with a musty nutty background.

Ron:  I got the usual caramel along with some oak, spice and some rye. I also picked up the nutty aroma that Todd spoke of. A somewhat complex nose.


Todd:  After my first sip neat I could only think of one thing, Hot. Even after some ice had melted I still found it to be a little harsh. After a little more melting I was able to get some spicy rye notes as well as some kind of grain. Not real complex.

Ron:  Pretty warm neat, even with some ice it was a little rough around the edges. I did get a little caramel, as well as some fruit, and a little sweet oak on the tongue. I got more taste when consumed neat, once one ice cube was added, the taste was almost subdued.


Todd:  Medium to long finish with not much change.

Ron:  Long finish neat, medium with ice.


Todd:  1792 is a decent bourbon at a decent price. Not very complex and somewhat rough. Better with ice. It’s boldness does make for a good traditional Bourbon cocktail.

Ron:  Overall I would try to drink 1792 neat but is a bit harsh. I added ice and it was not as complex.

Nose    4.5 out of 5

Taste    7.5 out of 10

Finish   3 out of 5

Total       15 out of 20 barrels

Well as you can see we weren’t bowled over by 1792. We were fired up by the nose, but not with the taste. Not real complex and a little hot. If you can find it at the low end of the price range it is not a bad buy. It would hold its own in a cocktail.

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  1. If in Indy you need you have “Ray’s” special blend. This is smooth. The aroma and clean finish that you want it a great spirit.

    Hopefully someone can provide insight as why the label with “Ray’s” is superior what is normally available.

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