Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Wild Turkey, an American brand almost everybody recognizes, or at least every Bourbon drinker. In our younger years we called this The Kicking Chicken or just The Bird. Today we are sampling one of their higher end products, Kentucky Spirit.

This is a single barrel product selected by the legendary Jimmy Russell. Being single barrel, each batch can be a little different. KS comes in a classy corked bottle with scalloped edges that is pretty easy to spot. Bottled at 101 proof, and with a little hunting online, we found that it averages 9 years in the barrel.  Sells between $40 to $55 and is generally available.


Ron:   KS has a nose of caramel, toffee and tobacco. I also got a musty aroma that reminded me of an old boathouse, in a good way.

Todd:  I got the caramel and the slight mustiness as well as spice, cedar, and orange.


Ron:  KS comes  across as a rich, full bodied Bourbon. I tasted the caramel that I got on the nose as well as sweet toffee. And, oddly, a little taste of salt.

Todd:   I did not taste the salt, got more spice and citrus. Thought it was pretty hot neat, really needs water/ice. Once the ice melted, I definitely tasted the caramel plus a little wood.


Ron:  Medium to long finish that was similar to the taste. A pretty hot finish neat.

Todd:   I agree with Ron on the heat and getting mostly the same on the finish as I did on the taste. The only thing I would add would be a slight pepper finish.


Ron:  This is a fantastic Bourbon, I need a bottle in my cabinet.

Todd:   Well I have one in my cabinet, lol. I also find this a very good drink. I have to say though, Ron liked it better than me.

Nose    4.5 out of 5

Taste     9 out of 10

Finish    4 out of 5

Total Score    17.5 out of 20 Barrels

We both liked Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit a lot. The only thing holding back the score was the finish, and that is not to imply the finish was bad, just not much going on. We would recommend using ice or water to take off some of the heat as well as bringing out some additional flavors. The heat and spice lends itself well to traditional Bourbon cocktails.

We know the price is a little high, but the taste and the presentation make it good bottle for special occasions.

Buffalo Trace

Our choice today is the very popular Buffalo Trace. This is a blended Bourbon, 90 proof, in a corked bottle. BT is readily available, we have even seen it in grocery stores. Usually sells for around $22/$23 for the 750 ml.

The bottle did not come with an age statement, through a little research we found that it is supposed to be a blend of different ages, with it averaging out around 6 to 8 years.


Todd: I found Buffalo Trace to have light, sweet aromas of citrus, oak, and even a little fruit. When I added some ice I swear I could pick up chocolate.

Ron: I also got the citrus, oak and fruit. Did not pick up on the chocolate, instead got a little caramel.


Todd:  As with the smell, BT has a light, smooth, very pleasant taste. I picked up wood, fruit, vanilla and maybe a little honey.

Ron:  I thought BT had a taste of oak, spice and fruit. I also got caramel as well as leather.


Todd:  I thought it had a medium finish with not much change in the taste.

Ron:  Got a little burn on the finish as well as a hint of anise.


Todd:  I thought I did not like buffalo Trace, I remember comparing it to Jim Beam White label. My taste buds must of been off that day or they have evolved. Or maybe I need to try Jim Beam again. BT was much better than I remember. My only complaint would be a lack of finish.

Ron:  It has been a while since a bottle of BT has been in my cabinet. Distant memories remind me that I thought it was just okay. Today I retract that statement. I enjoyed it very much. like Todd, my taste buds are still evolving.

Nose     4.5 out of 5

Taste      8.5 out of 10

Finish     3.5 out of 5

Total           16.5 out of 20 barrels.

Well as you can read, we both liked our afternoon with buffalo Trace. At the low to mid $20s, this is a good buy, worth having in your collection. It is also a very good Bourbon for people just getting in to the drink. It is both smooth and light, with not too much burn. Having said that, we both liked it a little better with some ice.

Being so light and smooth, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend BT for cocktails. It is good over ice or with some water, the light taste kinda gets lost with other ingredients.


Corner Creek Reserve

We are back tasting with friend/neighbor Brett. Today’s glass holds Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon. CC is common at most liquor stores, bottled at 88 proof, aged 8 years and comes in a corked, somewhat unique bottle that would remind one of a wine bottle. This Bourbon sold for around $20-$22 not that long ago (1 year). Sells for around $27 to $29 currently, sounds like someone might be taking advantage of the Bourbon boom.


Brett:    I detected various woods on the nose, not much else.

Todd:   I caught the wood, but reminded me more of a mixture of burnt oak and burnt sugar. Also took in a little citrus.

Ron:   I got a whiff of citrus also as well as honey, caramel and leather.


Brett:    Had a very clean, smooth taste, not a lot of heat. Tasted some kind of nut. Not very much going on in my opinion.

Todd:    Funny, I thought it was a little rough for being only 88 proof. I did pick up on that nutty taste. Not very complex, Also got a hint of vanilla.

Ron:    I tasted honey, a little toffee, and maybe a little clove.


Brett:    Not much of a finish, pretty much tasted the same.

Todd:    I found it finished a little sweet, but not much else.

Ron:   I thought it had a medium to long finish with caramelized brown sugar.


Brett:   Not a very complex drink, I feel there are better bottles at that price.

Todd:   Decent, a little over priced in my mind. I agree with Brett, that at the current price point, there are a lot of better Bourbons.

Ron:   I don’t really have much to add, okay juice but nothing stands out. I too think it is a little high on the price scale.

Nose—–2.5 out of 5

Taste—–6 out of 10

Finish—-2.5 out of 5

Total——–11 out of 20 Barrels.

This is second bottle in a row that we have come away unimpressed. If it weren’t for Ron on the taste and finish this would even be a lower score. There just isn’t much to say about it. The bottle is kinda cool if you like that sort of thing. Even the label looks like a wine bottle.

Now having said all that, remember we do take price in consideration. If this sold for $12 or $13, we would give it a different recommendation.  But since it doesn’t, We would pass on adding this to your cabinet, because unless you mix it, your bottle will be there for a long time.