Few Rye Whiskey

                                                                                      Today we start a new format here at Talking Bourbon.  Going forward, instead of having two voices, Ron and Todd, it will just be Talking Bourbon(TB).  If we have a guest taster, which we plan on having more of, they will still have their unique voice.

Having said that, lets get started. Today we are sampling Few Rye Whiskey from FEW Spirits. The FEW Spirits distillery in Evanston, Illinois also makes Bourbon and gin. Yes gin, this definitely raised our antennas and planted a seed of doubt about how good this stuff would be. Kind of a jack of all trades, master of none type thing.

FEW Rye is 93 proof, aged just 3 years and comes in a squared off corked bottle with a fountain on the label.  FEW Rye sells from $50 to $60 for the 750ml. Availability is hit or miss. Seems everyone had it a few(pun not intended) years ago, then for a while it was hard to find. Lately we are seeing it again in most nicer spirit stores.

Strangely the name, according to their web site, is after a lady named Francis Elizabeth Willard. She and her temperance supporters had kept Evanston alcohol free for over 100 years.

Tasting with TB today is James, James is usually an Irish Whisky man but said he would like to expand his drinking world.


TB:    While no dominant aroma, more complex than anticipated. Picking up scents of Rye, a sweetness reminiscent of honey and brown sugar along with pepper and citrus. Also get a slight scent of oak even though it is only aged 3 years.

James:   Well I get the sweetness and the wood that TB got but not much else.  I did get a little caramel or maybe butterscotch.


TB:  Pretty much taste like it smells,  Rye, brown sugar, pepper, citrus and wood. Also picked up some spice that I could not identify.

James:  I  like it, picking up notes of caramel, spice and a tobacco like taste.  A little behind that is dark fruit and oak.


TB:    A medium to long finish with touches of vanilla and more sweetness and spice.

James:   A nice finish with hints of cedar.


TB:   While not overly complex, FEW Rye is very good. Having said that we are not sure it is worth $60.

James:   Agree, I really like it. Not sure where the money falls in comparison to other Bourbons and Rye, my go to Irish Whisky is under $30, so yeah, $60 seems high.

TB:   You can get some decent juice for under $20, and you can also pay in the hundreds, there is a lot of good Bourbons and Rye that fall between $20 and $70. So this is on the high end.

Nose       4.25 out of 5

Taste         8 out of 10

Finish       4.25 out of 5

Total score         16.5 out of 20 Barrels.

Nice nose, good taste and decent finish makes for a good pour. But while we all liked FEW Rye, none of us really loved it. A little too steep of a price considering it is only aged 3 years. FEW Rye does make a good cocktail, but again, at that price we don’t like using it as a mixer.

All in all, if you found this Rye on sale for $49.99 or lower, go ahead and give it a try. We are sure you will like it.