High West Double Rye

                                                                              As  our readers know, we here at Talking Bourbon are big fans of all things High West. Thus it came as a surprise that we had not reviewed their Double Rye. We have drank it many times and were positive we had included it in the blog at some point, we were wrong.

High West Double Rye is, like most everything from High West, a blend. In this case a blend of young and old Rye sourced from multiple distilleries.  It is bottled at 92 proof, sells for around $30, comes in a cool looking corked bottle like all the rest of High West and is widely available.  TB could not get an exact age statement, just that the younger Rye was at least 2 years old.

Long time friend of TB’s, Shelly, is our guest taster today. Shelly was originally a beer person, having lived in Germany, and slowly migrated to wine. Lately though, she has found  a taste for Bourbon.


Shelly:  Smooth and mellow nose with nothing over powering. I get a little spice, some grain, vanilla and walnut. I also pick up some traces of honey and banana.

TB:      A big bold scent of Rye dominates, reminiscent of Bulleit Rye. Some secondary aromas include citrus, grain and an oily almond type scent. Strangely,  get a slight whiff of pineapple and ginger.


Shelly:     Wood, nuts and spice, not necessarily in that order jump out at me. Behind that I pick up some honey and a taste that reminds me of a humidor. Adding my own take to the strange department, I get a scent of juniper.

TB:    Get the wood, spice and nuts that Shelly talked about along with strong Rye. Just slightly behind that is citrus, smoke and a slight sherry flavor. Very good.


Shelly:    Medium-long, sweet on the tongue and warm going down.

TB:     Agree,  medium-long with a nice sweetness.


Shelly:    High West Double Rye is a winner. Great bang for the buck. I would buy it!

TB:    High West delivers again. Will definitely keep a bottle in the cabinet.

Nose      4.5 out of 5

Taste      9 out of 10

Finish     3.5 out of 5

Total score           17 out of 20 barrels.

A great Rye at a great price, who cares if it is blended and sourced out of different distilleries. All that matters is taste, nose, finish and price. On all but the finish, this stuff shines. And the finish was not bad, just not overly complex. Great straight, on the rocks and as a mixer of Bourbon style cocktails. At the somewhat low price point you won’t feel bad using it as a mixer.

Final verdict, Go out and get a bottle of High West Double Rye and treat yourself to a very good drink.