Buffalo Trace

Our choice today is the very popular Buffalo Trace. This is a blended Bourbon, 90 proof, in a corked bottle. BT is readily available, we have even seen it in grocery stores. Usually sells for around $22/$23 for the 750 ml.

The bottle did not come with an age statement, through a little research we found that it is supposed to be a blend of different ages, with it averaging out around 6 to 8 years.


Todd: I found Buffalo Trace to have light, sweet aromas of citrus, oak, and even a little fruit. When I added some ice I swear I could pick up chocolate.

Ron: I also got the citrus, oak and fruit. Did not pick up on the chocolate, instead got a little caramel.


Todd:  As with the smell, BT has a light, smooth, very pleasant taste. I picked up wood, fruit, vanilla and maybe a little honey.

Ron:  I thought BT had a taste of oak, spice and fruit. I also got caramel as well as leather.


Todd:  I thought it had a medium finish with not much change in the taste.

Ron:  Got a little burn on the finish as well as a hint of anise.


Todd:  I thought I did not like buffalo Trace, I remember comparing it to Jim Beam White label. My taste buds must of been off that day or they have evolved. Or maybe I need to try Jim Beam again. BT was much better than I remember. My only complaint would be a lack of finish.

Ron:  It has been a while since a bottle of BT has been in my cabinet. Distant memories remind me that I thought it was just okay. Today I retract that statement. I enjoyed it very much. like Todd, my taste buds are still evolving.

Nose     4.5 out of 5

Taste      8.5 out of 10

Finish     3.5 out of 5

Total           16.5 out of 20 barrels.

Well as you can read, we both liked our afternoon with buffalo Trace. At the low to mid $20s, this is a good buy, worth having in your collection. It is also a very good Bourbon for people just getting in to the drink. It is both smooth and light, with not too much burn. Having said that, we both liked it a little better with some ice.

Being so light and smooth, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend BT for cocktails. It is good over ice or with some water, the light taste kinda gets lost with other ingredients.


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