Corner Creek Reserve

We are back tasting with friend/neighbor Brett. Today’s glass holds Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon. CC is common at most liquor stores, bottled at 88 proof, aged 8 years and comes in a corked, somewhat unique bottle that would remind one of a wine bottle. This Bourbon sold for around $20-$22 not that long ago (1 year). Sells for around $27 to $29 currently, sounds like someone might be taking advantage of the Bourbon boom.


Brett:    I detected various woods on the nose, not much else.

Todd:   I caught the wood, but reminded me more of a mixture of burnt oak and burnt sugar. Also took in a little citrus.

Ron:   I got a whiff of citrus also as well as honey, caramel and leather.


Brett:    Had a very clean, smooth taste, not a lot of heat. Tasted some kind of nut. Not very much going on in my opinion.

Todd:    Funny, I thought it was a little rough for being only 88 proof. I did pick up on that nutty taste. Not very complex, Also got a hint of vanilla.

Ron:    I tasted honey, a little toffee, and maybe a little clove.


Brett:    Not much of a finish, pretty much tasted the same.

Todd:    I found it finished a little sweet, but not much else.

Ron:   I thought it had a medium to long finish with caramelized brown sugar.


Brett:   Not a very complex drink, I feel there are better bottles at that price.

Todd:   Decent, a little over priced in my mind. I agree with Brett, that at the current price point, there are a lot of better Bourbons.

Ron:   I don’t really have much to add, okay juice but nothing stands out. I too think it is a little high on the price scale.

Nose—–2.5 out of 5

Taste—–6 out of 10

Finish—-2.5 out of 5

Total——–11 out of 20 Barrels.

This is second bottle in a row that we have come away unimpressed. If it weren’t for Ron on the taste and finish this would even be a lower score. There just isn’t much to say about it. The bottle is kinda cool if you like that sort of thing. Even the label looks like a wine bottle.

Now having said all that, remember we do take price in consideration. If this sold for $12 or $13, we would give it a different recommendation.  But since it doesn’t, We would pass on adding this to your cabinet, because unless you mix it, your bottle will be there for a long time.

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