Elijah Craig 12

Another low priced favorite from another legendary name. Bourbon history has it that Elijah Craig, a Reverend, first aged whiskey in a charred barrel.  It is now produced by Heaven Hill.

This is about as low a price you will find for a Bourbon that has been aged 12 years. Readily available in most liquor stores. It goes for around $26.00, comes in a corked bottle and weighs in at 94 proof.

Todd:  The nose brings a smokey, almost burnt wood aroma with a hint of black licorice.

Lots of tastes running around here. I get smoke, wood,  maybe even a hint of dark chocolate and orange.  Very smooth even neat. With ice, it gets a little sweeter and spicier. I get a lot more flavors than I expected.

Nice finish, long but not overly complex, pretty much same flavors linger on.

Ron:   On the nose I was blown away by the oak, didn’t really smell much of anything else at first. Then got hints of vanilla, brown sugar and spice.

Tasting a small sip neat, I came away with caramel and charred oak with definite presence of Rye. Adding a little water brought out the sweet caramel while diminishing the smokey wood.

Long finish with not much difference in the flavor profile.

Nose———4 out 0f 5

Taste———8 out of 10

Finish——–3 out of 5

Total Score———15 out of 20 Barrels

This is hands down one of our favorite go to Bourbons. Every liquor cabinet should have a bottle of this inside. In fact, this is on our very short list of best Bourbons under $30.00.  It is one of the first bottles we advise people to try when they are just getting into Bourbon.

We like the fact that it comes in a corked bottle and is 12 years old. This is a very well rounded product, the Rye doesn’t overwhelm, it is not too sweet, and is not very hot, even when drank neat, for a 94 proof.

At this price you also wouldn’t mind making a cocktail, but then again, at this taste level, why?

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