Father’s Day gift? Bourbon!

What do Dad’s really want for Father’s Day? As both of us are fathers we have a pretty good idea. It’s not ties, golf balls, sweaters, or shirts. Both of us just tell our kids to come by and spend some time with us and the family. We believe that is the real gift that most Fathers would ask for.

But! If you insist  on bringing a gift when you visit, why not a bottle of Bourbon? Your dad will appreciate the gesture, will appreciate the Bourbon and it is something he can share with his friends and co- workers. But which bottle to buy? That depends on your dad.

If your father is somewhat sophisticated, older, maybe is into wine as well, and entertains a lot, we recommend Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon. WPSR comes in an elegant bottle that reminds you of a wine decanter.  In fact both of us have used the empty bottle for that purpose. So you get a good Bourbon that makes for a great presentation and the bottle can  be re-purposed. Willett Pot Still Reserve sells for around $40. Angel’s Envy would be another good choice in this price range.

If money is not a concern and your dad is a Bourbon guy, we have a few suggestions. And no, we are not recommending anything from the Pappy line. With the consideration that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find, we both think they are over priced and quite possibly over-rated. However if you want to spend upwards of $60+ on dad you can buy some really great Bourbon. While we have a lot we could put in this category we are sticking to the ones that are still somewhat available. Angel’s Envy Rye, anything from Colonel Taylor, High West’s Rendezvous Rye and Bourye, Michter’s Single Barrel or Rye and Blanton’s.  All of these would make your Bourbon-loving Dad very happy.

If pops is into Bourbon but you are a little pinched for cash, or you traditionally spend in the $20 to $30 range, here are few suggestions. If you can find Weller’s Antique, your dad will forever be in your debt, but be warned it is hard to find. For more readily available  juice we highly recommend Elijah Craig, great stuff, is aged 12 years and usually can be found for around the $26 range. Another great deal for under $30 is Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye, especially the Rye. In fact the Rye is one of our favorites at any price. With Bulleit you have the added benefit of a cool “Old School” corked bottle.

If your Father is really not that in to Bourbon but you think he would be if he just gave it a chance, try these. Bernheim is a Wheated Whiskey that has a very sweet taste and finish. Buffalo Trace is another easy drinking mild Bourbon that is also pretty easy on the wallet. Crown Royal, which like Bernheim is not really a Bourbon, is another good starter or introduction to Bourbon type drinks.

Of course you can also get him whatever your personal favorite might be. You can also throw in a couple of whiskey glasses or what some call Old Fashioned glasses. A whiskey decanter is always a cool and welcome gift. Both the glasses and the decanter make a better gift if accompanied by something to pour into them. This way, you too, can enjoy the libation with proper presentation. Even if it’s not the top shelf stuff, Bourbon always tastes better in the right glass.

Whatever you choose this Father’s Day, remember the best gift is to go and see your dad. If distance and circumstance make that impossible this year, at least reach out by phone. Hopefully you will be able to go see dad, hopefully with a bottle of Bourbon in hand.



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