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I know that is a weak title, but just trying to figure things out. The site is nowhere being finished.

This is Todd, Ron is working his real job at the moment.

If you are reading this, you probably love bourbon. Ron and I are right with you. We talk so much about it that we decided to create this Blog. We figured there has to be a lot of people like us who not only love drinking bourbon, but love to talk about it. When the site is completely done I hope to have people being able to participate in the discussions. Tell us what you the reader thinks about our ratings, maybe suggest your own. Maybe suggest something for us to try. In the mean time, here goes first blog!

I always get asked by people who don’t drink bourbon, what do I see in it. Why do I like it so much?

First of all is the taste, and while bourbon has a wide range of flavor profiles, a few almost always come through for me. In no order, oak/wood, molasses/brown sugar, spice, especially in a high rye,  a smokiness, vanilla and caramel.  I can also sometimes taste mint, tobacco, and even fruit. I like the fact that, like wine, almost everybody taste something a little different, even if we are all drinking the same juice.

Second, I like the history of bourbon, which we will get into much later. I also like the rules the distillers have to abide by to call it bourbon. We will get into that later as well.

Third, I like that it is a uniquely American spirit.

And last, I like the fact that I can drink it neat and a certain taste will come through. I can add a little water and a different taste comes through. I can add ice for a an even different profile, and it makes a good mixer. If I feel it is too hot, add water. If I don’t really like it at all, which is very rare, add soda.

Well that is all for this first post. We will try and get one out every week.


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