Maker’s 46

Maker’s 46 is the Maker’s Mark mash bill but aged a little longer and finished aging with toasted french  oak staves inserted into the barrel. Notice we said toasted not chared. This supposedly gives it a more mellow, sweeter finished product.

It clocks in at 94 proof, and while there is no age statement on the bottle, we were able, with the help of the internet, to determine it to be aged approximately 5 to 7 years. Usually sells for around $35.

Like Maker’s Mark, 46 is a wheated Bourbon. Meaning they use wheat instead of Rye as the secondary grain behind corn.


Ron:  The nose brought caramel, vanilla, oak and spice. I just couldn’t put my finger on which spice it was.

Todd:   From the nose I got oak, sweetness, and a smell that reminded me of a cedar box that had held cigars.


Ron:   Tasting it neat, I got all the same flavors as the Nose. Oak, vanilla, caramel and that dang spice that I can’t name. This goes down real smooth for a 96 proof. Adding ice at first brought out more sweetness, and definitely mellowed it out some. Be aware, a little to much ice or water really diminished the taste and finish. Half a cube is good or if you like it neat, 3 drops of water.

Todd:   I got on the tongue, everything I got on the nose. Tasting it neat, I was really impressed how smooth this was. I will probably anger regular Maker’s Mark drinkers by saying it has one of the hottest, fiery finishes out there. I was expecting the same from 46, and did not get it. I believe this stuff was meant to be drank neat. It has a sweetness that just sits on the tip of the tongue. Adding ice was good, I now got a taste and aroma of honey. I agree with Ron, a little to much and it takes away from the experience.


Ron:   Has a long finish of all the same taste.

Todd:  Has a nice, smooth, long finish.


Ron:   I wasn’t real impressed the first time I had this shortly after its new release a few years back. Either my taste buds were off that day or they have evolved. Because this is good stuff.

Todd:   This is good stuff, way better than the regular Maker’s mark.

Nose—–3.25 out of 5

Taste—–9 out of 10

Finish—-4.25 out of 5

Total——-16.5 out of 20 barrels.

As you can tell, we both really enjoyed sampling this stuff. At that price it is a definite deal, and one you should have in your cabinet. It is a great representation of what a wheated Bourbon can achieve. 46 also makes a great Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

Our final say, great neat, great mixed, great price, cool bottle, what more would you want?



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