Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

This afternoon we are tasting Maker’s Mark Cask Strength(MMCS). This is the same Bourbon as the iconic red wax original, just not watered down before going into the bottle.  It comes in a corked bottle, the same shape as the original.

Since it is straight out of the barrel, it is hard to get a consistent proof, ours was 111.3. MMCS goes for around $29.00 for the 375 ml bottle and while somewhat hard to find, not impossible. And we have been seeing it around a little more.

For the this post we are pleased to announce a guest taster, Brad. Brad is a good friend of ours and really likes Bourbon, as well as gin, vodka, beer, well you get the picture.


Brad:  Thanks for the letting me sit in, had a good time. I thought MMCS had a sweet aroma with hint of ceder and vanilla.

Ron:    I got a sweetness with caramel and a hint of vanilla on the nose.

Todd:   I got a strong smell of white cake, and once I smelled this I couldn’t get it out of my head, so consequently I got nothing else


Brad:   While tasting it came off as cool and clear, I know that sounds weird, but that is what came to me. Also a bit of cocoa and, here it gets weird again, licorice.

Ron:  On tasting, brown sugar was very prevalent as well as the vanilla that I smelled. a little hot but not overwhelming, especially when considering the proof. It might have been power of suggestion, but I also tasted licorice.

Todd:  I thought it went down real smooth considering the proof, even that high it can easily be drank neat. I tasted caramel and anise. Adding a little water brings out all the flavors even more.


Brad:  The finish lasted about a minute and went from spicy to sweet.

Ron:  Long complex finish.

Todd:  The finish seemed to go from spice to hot to sweet.


Brad:  I liked it, a little hot a first but some ice calmed it.

Ron:   Good stuff, A lot better than regular Maker’s.

Todd:   I agree with both of you, really enjoyed it.


Nose      4 out of 5

Taste      9 out of 10

Finish     3.5 out of 5

Over all rating      16.5 out of 20 barrels

We all liked this a lot, as you can tell by the scores. This is a great sipping whiskey. Not sure why it taste so different than Maker’s original, since it is supposed to be the same just uncut. Regular Maker’s goes down hotter than this at a lot lower proof.

This also has a complexity not found in the original. Our recommendation is you should definitely try this. As far as getting a bottle, it is a bit pricey so  we leave that decision up to you. We of course have one.

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