Old forester Signature

Here is another old name from an old distillery. We are tasting Old Forester Signature from Brown-Forman distillery.

It is 100 proof with a screw top bottle, and while Old Forester is readily available, the Signature is somewhat harder to find. At least here in Indianapolis. It sells for around $20.00, making it fairly affordable.


Todd:    I immediately get burnt sugar with an underlying scent of orange peel.

Ron:  Has a pleasant nose of caramel, citrus and just plain old sweetness.


Todd:  While sipping neat, it had a butterscotch/caramel flavor reminiscent of  Werther’s candy. With one cube this came out even more as well as a little citrus. Also got a little wood in there.

Ron:   Tasted a little hot neat with flavors of tobacco, leather, toffee and caramel. I found this to be better neat, the ice/water really took some of the taste away.


Todd:   Not much change on the finish.

Ron:     Medium finish as far as the lingering effect, but not much in the complexity department.


Todd:  Not a bad Bourbon for $20. I would buy it again.

Ron:   I did like it but not sure I would buy again, lot of good Bourbons at or around $20.

Nose       4 out of 5

Taste       7 out of 10

Finish       2 out of 5

Total Score        13 out of Twenty Barrels.

All in all, not a bad Bourbon for the price, and we do take that into account. For those who say they can’t smell or taste what we or others write about, take a whiff of this one. It’s too bad the taste doesn’t have a little more behind it.



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