Rating bourbon

Figuring out a unique rating  system has been harder than both of us thought. We wanted somehow to compare the juice in a quantitative/numerical way.

Too many reviews and ratings mention color, and while I know that might be important to some, it is not to us. The point system that we have seen, similar to wine, gives an equal treatment to all categorizes.  We think taste should weigh more than anything else.

Having said all that, we will rate the bourbon we taste in the following manner.

Up to10 barrels for taste.

Up to 5 barrel for Nose.

Up to 5 barrel for finish.

So if we give a certain whiskey 7 barrels for taste, 3 barrels for nose and a 2 barrels for finish, we would give it an over all rating of 12 out of twenty  barrels.

As you can see this puts the emphasis on taste over all else, because while we don’t know about you, that is why we drink it.

We will also describe what we are tasting, and will bring up the price. Price will play a part of our decision on whether to recommend the product or not. There are a lot of bourbons out there that taste good, but still don’t justify the price. Price will not influence the ratings, just the recommendation.

On tasting note. When we say it is hot, that means there is a burn, not necessarily high proof. We have tasted barrel strength stuff that still went down with out burning. All the rest of the terms should be easily understood. Same on the smell.

On the finish, a few things we look for. First, does it change flavor much going down as opposed to in the mouth? And was it a good change? Next, how long was the finish? By this we mean how long can you taste the juice after you have swallowed. Good bourbon should linger a little bit.

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