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Jim Beam Black

Beam                                                           Jim Beam Black? As followers of this blog know, we are not big fans of Jim Beam White label, one of the biggest sellers in the industry. After all this is just the same juice aged 4 more years and bottled at a slightly higher proof, 86 for Black, 80 for White. Why would it be much different?

Beam Black sells for around $24, comes in the same shaped uncorked bottle as Beam White and is available everywhere.


Todd:    Got a lot more on the nose then I expected. Hints of tobacco, cherries, cocoa and a slight grassy aroma. Later with some ice I also detected a honey smell.

Ron:    Wow, I liked the nose but did not get near what you did. Mostly a spicy/pepper aroma with a little sweetness in the background.


Todd:   Was not bad neat, but liked it better with a single cube melted. I didn’t get on the tongue all I got on the nose. A little bit of leather, and a nutty flavor along with some spice.

Ron:   We are off again. I was really surprised by the many flavors of Beam Black. I got the pepper that I got on the nose along with caramel, ceder, and a malty flavor. Also tasted something I couldn’t quite put my finger on but was reminiscent of graham crackers.


Todd:  Medium to medium long with a nice sweet aftertaste.

Ron:   Medium long finish with a nice bit of sweetness. Much different than Beam White.


Todd:   I really enjoyed this stuff, and I was very skeptical seeing as how I am not a fan of the White label.

Ron:  Much better than anticipated. Far superior to the big selling White label. Definitely worth the $4 to $5 premium.

Nose     4 out of 5

Taste     8.5 out of 10

Finish    4 out of 5

Total          16.5 out of 20 Barrels

Well, we were both pleasantly surprised with Jim Beam Black. The score is not way up there but remember the bottle sells in the low to mid 20s. Beam Black has a lot more flavor and nose than  Beam White and priced to make a good mixer.

So, did the extra 4 years in the barrel and that extra 6 proof make a difference. You bet, this will be a staple in our cabinets and you should give it a try, you will not be disappointed.